Public Service Announcement

When all of your dog’s favorite toys are made of hard, white plastic…

Or rawhide…

This is almost certainly a dog toy (especially when it’s in a leather cover).

That is all.

When “On The Ground” Doesn’t Help

So, who are you guys donating to?

Here’s my thing. I gave to Doctors Without Borders, even though I don’t agree with some of their politics, because doctors and medicine seem to be the biggest need right now.

But I want to give to other charities too, and I don’t know who. I won’t give to the Red Cross because they can’t seem to stay out of trouble. After every big tragedy like this, there always seems to be a huge scandal about embezzling and money going to the wrong locations. Besides, they only have 3 stars at Charity Navigator.

I normally give to AJWS, but their website says that donations will go to charities on the island that they’ve already established relationships with, in calmer times. I don’t see how that could possibly work. What use is money in Haiti, right now? They can’t buy medicine or food or even water, because there simply isn’t any to be had. They might as well burn it to boil contaminated water.

So what good, reputable charity is successfully flying/shipping stuff in? I’m at a loss.


American Idol and Project Runway both start this week.

Runway is going back to New York, and Nina and Michael (and Tim and Heidi, of course) will be back. Last season was kind of a mess, but it sounds like they’re back on track. Cannot wait.

Goodnight, sweet Fairy

I called her Fairy, because I’ve never liked the name Fay. The first time I saw her — on my second day there — and realized what had happened to her, I sat on the floor and sobbed for about 45 seconds, before I pulled my shit together, and she happily licked my hands while I cried.

Everyone always felt so sorry for her, but she was a rock star. She had no idea that she was disfigured, and she never seemed to be in any pain. She just knew that everyone gave her kisses and peanut butter and loved her. If you sat on the floor in front of her, she’d keep licking your face until the sun cooled, given the opportunity. They called her Smiley Cyrus.

No matter which section I worked in, I always went to say good morning and good night to my Fairy, and steal my kisses. Brave little girl. I was looking forward to the day I’d see her at a fundraiser and get to hold her on my lap and hug her again.

Good night, Fay. Rest well. I hope I’m wrong, and I see you and many of your fellow former fighters again. It was an honor to know you.

Aunt Tanya

Funny Peculiar or Funny Ha-ha?

I saw this headline on my iGoogle, er, headline list, and my immediate thought was ‘Sweet!”

Israel to Build 700 Homes in East Jerusalem

Israel plans to build nearly 700 new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem, defying demands by the United States and the Palestinian Authority for a freeze on settlement construction. While Israel has imposed a partial freeze on construction in the West Bank, government spokesman Mark Regev says that does not apply to Jerusalem, which Israel says is the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

“I want to be very clear. In the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, there is not going to be a freeze, there cannot be a freeze. We never promised to freeze construction in those areas,” he said.

I get that this is against American “demands” right now, but frankly, America isn’t Israel’s friend right now. Some of us remain so, but not by policy. Simply because we understand what friendship means. (Israel is the only country on earth that would steadfastly defend us against any foe, and that deserves to be reciprocated, no matter how you feel about their politics.)

Anyway. I could have said as much on twitter. But this is what made it neglected-blogworthy:

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said, “This decision to build new housing units in East Jerusalem undermines the credibility of those involved in making the peace process continue.”

HAHAHAHA!!! Palestinian negotiator! Credibility! Peace process! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


That is all.


Merry Christmas from Us to You

We can talk about this healthcare crap later. Grr.


Incidentally, this is what Crow looks like when he’s awake. And more than six inches away from the camera, which is harder than it sounds.

Twenty Bucks

So Crow and I were at Petsmart this morning, and as we were walking out, I saw a credit card lying on the ground in the parking lot. I went, “Hmmm. That’s not good.” So I picked it up and, not seeing anyone around who was looking for it, stuck it in my pocket.

I was going to call the credit card company, but then I figured the guy would be worrying, and he’d have to wait for the new card, yadda, etc. So I googled him (unusual name) and called to let him know I had it. His wife made a big fuss over what a saint I am (HA!), and he verified the card number and lender over the phone, and I told him where he could meet me.

Anyway, when we met, I had him show me his ID, and I gave him the card back. And then he forced twenty bucks on me. I tried to convince him to give it to the Humane Society or something, but he wouldn’t hear it, and it got awkward, so I took it.

Now I can’t spend it, you know. There was only one civil option and I took it, and I can’t take money for that. So I ask you. What should I do with the twenty bucks?


When I was a kid, there was this brilliant antique game in the Penny Arcade at Disneyland. It was from the early 1900s like most of the games there — many of the others were those hand-crank movies with pictures on cards that flip past. Love those.

It had an electrical coil inside, under glass. You grabbed the two metal handles that stuck out from the front, and it sent an electrical shock through you, and continued getting stronger until you let go, or the dial reached the top. I never managed to stay on it the whole time. After 15 seconds or so, I’d guess, it really started to hurt. And you could see the muscles in your forearms twitching.

So I’m guessing it’s not there anymore.


Internets, meet Crow.

He’s asleep under my desk. (I put all of the cords in a box, just in case.)

Happy Thanksgiving.