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Holy cow! When I said “We’re talking about fat people who aren’t used to walking for miles and standing for hours,” I didn’t mean Kennedy!

Seriously, get well Senator. Rest up and come back to the fray. No one wants to win this way.

President Obama

I know. Get used to it.

I feel like I’m the only one on our side saying it, but I’m ok with this. I’ve made my peace with it. Obama will be my president. I won’t defend everything he does — hell, I don’t expect to defend even ten percent of what he does — but I will defend him, the man, to the rest of the world.

It’s not how I wanted this to turn out, obviously. And it’s not going to all be good. But it wouldn’t have been all good anyway; not under Bush or McCain or Sarah Palin or Fred Thompson, or even Zombie Reagan. Could they have fixed our country’s multitude of problems faster than Obama? Well, we’ll never know.

I’ll freely admit that I’m nervous about losing Dubya as my president. I certainly didn’t agree with everything he did either, but I trusted him, and I know the terrorists are afraid of him. I felt safe sleeping at night, knowing he was on guard. Obama’s an unknown entity, so it’s a little nerve jangling right now. But the terrorists already hate him, so that’s a start. Not as good as fear, but a start.

I also see this as an opportunity for a new generation of young people — who no longer have to bear the frustration of losing (and losing and losing) and being unheard, and can now think freely — to get a sense of what it’s like to be proud of this great country, and to be a patriot. I know a lot of people doubt that will happen, and it’s certainly not going to be all of them, but some will get it. And once you get it, it’s hard to give it up.

Mostly, no matter how badly the left treated Bush, I refuse to sink to their level. Obviously, I’m among the few, but I have no aspiration to be like Kos or HuffPo, and wallow in anger and resentment for four years. That kind of gnawing self-destruction benefits no one but the enemy, and watching Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews revel cheerfully in our crazed wailing and gnashing? Nah, just doesn’t appeal to me, somehow.

If Obama fails us, if he raises our taxes during a recession, or releases the Gitmo prisoners to rejoin the fight against us, of course I’ll scream and denounce him. But he hasn’t done any of that yet, and his cabinet choices have been far more sensible than I ever expected or even hoped to see. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until he causes me to do otherwise. That’s just my nature.

I hope I have the chance to thank President Bush in person one day, and I hope that I’ll have cause to feel the same way about President Obama in four years.

Update 6pm: And yet. Every time I think of Dubya and Laura on that helicopter, flying away to Texas for the last time, I feel strangely like an orphan.

C’est la meme chose

I can’t let this go without at least one cynical comment.

An 81-year-old British woman died after passersby ignored her because they thought she was drunk.

My grandfather had a heart attack on the street, on Staten Island, in 1938. And just like this, no one helped him because they assumed he was drunk. (Fortunately, he didn’t die that day. But he sure as hell moved away from that heartless city.)

So nice to see how much the world has improved in the past seventy years.

Protect Your Own

Rottweiler Mauls, Kills 3-Year-Old Girl

Authorities say a 3-year-old girl has died after being attacked by her neighbor’s Rottweiler in Fort Worth, Texas.

These things happen all the time, and usually it’s entirely the fault of the dog’s owner. Let’s so how this case is different, shall we?

Police say the 17-year-old dog attacked the toddler Friday after she climbed through a hole in the fence of her backyard and into an enclosure with the animal.

Emphasis mine.

The dog will probably be euthanized, and I’m not sure what else they could do. But I’m not seeing how this is the dog owner’s fault. If I had a three-year old kid, and a huge, potentially dangerous dog lived next door to me? There sure as hell would NOT be any unmended holes in my fence.

Let me turn this around a smidge. When I was in high school, my stepmother-at-the-time had a cat. The cat had kittens. When they were just starting to get past the mewing blobs stage, and have personalities, my baby sister, who was about three at the time, decided she wanted to play bath time with them. So she took one outside to swim in her baby pool. When that one stopped playing, she went back inside and got the next one. And the next one. Until she had drowned the entire litter of eight.

My stepmother sat next to the sliding glass door and watched her toddle up the stairs and take each one outside, but then was somehow horrified to find the little corpses, several hours later.

The lesson here? If you want to keep something small and defenseless from being killed by something big and clueless? Sometimes YOU have to be the one to protect it, instead of relying on the magical forces of good in the universe to mend the fence or drain the pool.

Betting on Obama

Awesome. Overseas bookies are making a fortune, allowing people to bet on Obama’s Inauguration and first term.

You can bet on the inauguration weather, first prior President named during the speech, or the number of times he says the word “Change.” (Nothing about the “uh” count, that I can see.) And then there are categories for life in the White House.

For example, you can bet on what the Obamas will name their puppy. (George leads the pack with 8-1 odds, while Joe the Plumber is 250-1).

Not all the propositions are light-hearted, such as wagers on what will happen first under an Obama White House. Nabbing Osama bin Laden will land you 6-1 odds, whereas a ban on privately owned guns is 100-1.

100-1 odds on a gun ban sounds awfully optimistic to me, but it is an Irish bookie.

Also? 33-1 that Obama will be impeached during 1st term. Charming.

It’s funny that this should come up, because I was thinking of something a few days ago. You’ll forgive me for being morbid. It’s how I roll. Too much Smiths during puberty.

Woodstock was three days and 400,000 people. 3 deaths, 2 births. I attended Woodstock 1994 myself: also three days and 200,000 people. 2 deaths and 1 birth (as I recall).

They were originally expecting 5 million people in DC for the Inauguration, but they’ve dropped the estimate to 2-3 million now, thanks to cancellations and transportation issues. One day. (1/3 the time, but 5-10 times the crowd.) How many deaths and births? Lots of factors to consider. Place ya’ wagers.


For the record, I have sent exactly one (1) email to President-Elect Obama. Not that I think he read it himself, or anything, but hopefully I’m not the only one on this mission.

I won’t bother to reprint it here, though I’m pretty sure it’s in my sent box — all I asked was that if he couldn’t find a “hypoallergenic” dog (there’s so much involved in dog allergies, other than just fur) at the pound, that he consider adopting a dog from a breed rescue.

Most pure breed dogs, especially unusual breeds, that wind up at the pound or other shelters, are taken in by breed rescues. They’re still abandoned. They’re still homeless. They still want and deserve a new family.

Obviously, getting a dog from the pound is ideal, because it saves a life — but they’ve already narrowed their choice down to two breeds. So why not take in a good dog that’s been discarded, rather than just giving money to a breeder? Why not set an example for the rest of the country, that rescued dogs come in all breeds, and that they’re good enough to live in the White House?

We’ll see, right? I’m not expecting to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m sure keeping my fingers crossed.

2009 In Review

Looking back on 2009, in advance.

Barack Obama makes history as the first African-American sworn in as President of the United States; Invoking legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, promises America “nine years of economic depression, four years of world war, eventual nuking of Japan”

Winless Detroit Lions score an upset victory in NFL Super Bowl thanks to secret clause in U.S. auto industry bailout plan; jubilant Detroit fans go on celebratory 5-day citywide arson rampage, resulting in almost $12 in property damage

Read the whole thing. It’s Iowahawk at a different website. Hilarious.

Mommy’s Little Monster

Man. I don’t even know where to start with this. It’s written by a woman in Israel, who’s been there for fifteen years. Her son just entered the army. So she’s got a close-up view of what’s happening over there — and with children of her own, she knows how painful the loss of a child must be.

But there’s more to it than that.

People will ask how it is that I don’t blame Israel and the answer is simple. Fire came from that building. Call it what you want - a school, a refuge, a mosque, a home…if you shoot at an enemy…common sense would say the enemy will shoot back. Do it from inside a mosque, and the mosque becomes a target. Do it from inside a school, and the school becomes a target. Do it from behind your citizens and families, and you show the true nature of your society, your culture, your cause.

I’ll ask you to read the whole thing, but if you can’t or won’t do that, please at least scroll down and look at the photographs at the bottom.

That’s not Halloween, or play time. That’s parents genuinely putting grenades and firearms into the hands of three-year olds. Sending them out in the street to throw rocks at an armed combatant. Strapping pretend bombs to their little bodies and dressing them up to be martyrs. And martyr = dead.

Then they parade their little corpses through the streets, when one really is tragically killed, as if they mourn the poor thing. When in truth they’re raising them just to die, as quickly and bloodily as possible — preferably while they’re still cute enough to be used as propaganda.

These monsters need to be routed out, if for no other reason than to keep them from destroying another generation of their own babies, weened on terror.

(via Hot Air)

New Rule! New Rule!

So, Missouri passed some new legislation that went into effect on the first, and two of them are immigration-based. I’m very much pro-immigration, but still very anti-illegal immigration.

I don’t see why anyone should get to bypass the Indian coders that work with me, who’ve been waiting for years for citizenship, just because they’re sneakier and geographically closer. I don’t get why German and Welsh and Russian people, who do the paperwork and wait their turn patiently, are considered by the media and the left to be less important and worthy than those who break the law to get here. Hell yes, I want Mexicans here, but get in line like everyone else.

Especially here in Missouri, where the unemployment rates are skyrocketing, and companies like mine are having to lay people off by the thousands — right now, there are no jobs that “Americans won’t do.”

Anyway. Here’s the new legislation:

All public employers and those with private businesses with government contracts worth more than $5,000, receiving state loans or getting tax breaks must use the federal E-Verify database to screen new hires. Employers caught “knowingly” hiring an illegal immigrant risk losing their business licenses, unless they used E-Verify.

Cities are ineligible for state grants if they adopt an order or ordinance that limits cooperation with federal immigration authorities, bars immigration status verification or declares illegal immigrants can live within the city.

Not much, really, but it’s a start. The E-Verify part doesn’t really affect anything but state jobs and private businesses with government contracts. But there are a few catches for private companies too: if you’ve been busted for hiring illegals in the past, you have to use E-Verify now. And if you’re caught in the future, you’re only in the clear if you already use the system. So there’s incentive to use it, at least. A step in the right direction.

The Sanctuary Cities part is quirky. We have a very low rate of illegal immigration here, less than 1% of the national total. But Kansas City has some dodgy rules and activities with questionable compliance. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes… Will they press, or won’t they? (Stay Tuned!)


You know how some grocery stores have their receipt paper printed with ads? So you have a bunch of coupons and stuff on the back of your receipt when you leave? Usually nail salons and restaurants, in my experience.

One of the biggest Chevy dealerships in town has started running receipt ads. Not selling cars, but ads for detailing. $29.99, which I guess is a pretty good price, right?

What say you? Smart? Sad? Spunky? (I don’t know how much the ads cost…)

I think it’s a little depressing, in an O-How-The-Mighty-Have-Fallen kind of way. But on the other hand, it’s income, which makes me want to punch them slightly less.