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American Idol and Project Runway both start this week.

Runway is going back to New York, and Nina and Michael (and Tim and Heidi, of course) will be back. Last season was kind of a mess, but it sounds like they’re back on track. Cannot wait.

That’s My Girl!

That’s the Megan Corkrey that I fell in love with at her audition.

They’re cracking down on youtube again, but go here and watch it. They don’t have an embed function, but it’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline, and she did it wonderfully.

I actually loved her version of Rockin’ Robin last week. After she’d just finished talking (and crying) about her little boy, I thought it was perfect — not just because she seemed to be singing it for him, but because it was fun and light and so not very very serious.

And if you’ve never seen a close-up of her sleeve tattoo, it’s just as gorgeous as she is.

(I meant to post this earlier, along with a few others, but today was one of those days. One of those awful, awful days that make me want to never touch a computer again. So I didn’t have time.)

Idol, Season 8

Yes, you’re going to have to tolerate American Idol posts. I feel like I have to defend myself every year, so here it is.

I’m a Randian Objectivist to the core of my being. People who have the sense to be proud of their god-given and patiently-crafted talent make me happier than almost anything on earth. And I couldn’t survive without music. It’s the only thing that gets me through the day, sometimes.

So to see these young people pouring their hearts into these songs, fighting to prove their worth, gives me hope. And it makes me smile. We know how rare that is.

Anyway. The goal isn’t to find the most perfect or highly trained voice, but one that’s original and immediately identifiable.

After auditions in eight cities, Hollywood Week starts tomorrow. These are my favorites (90% of them will be gone next week, so I want to mention them):

1: Phoenix 1/13
Emily Wynne-Hughes - Barracuda - (No, it’s not just the song choice) Awesome.
Arianna Afsar - Put Your Records On - Adorable and so likable and good
Stevie Wright - At Last - Lovely voice, from a non-descript girl
Cody Sheldon - Wonderful World - Skinny emo kid with a tough voice
Alex Wagner-Trugman - Skinny, cute, nerdy kid with surprising soul

2: Kansas City 1/14
Casey Carlson - 1000 Miles - Adorable, great voice, from Mpls. Total package.
Von Smith - Somewhere/Rainbow - Nerdy but awesome voice. Disproving the loud != good rule.
Michael Castro - Better than his brother. Not a great voice, but identifiable
Mike Breitzke - Ain’t No Sunshine - Big welder guy. Nice, very warm voice
Jessica Furney - Crybaby - Cool. Chubby, nerdy, and great. First person I ever remember singing Janis without doing an impression
Danny Gokey - Grapevine - Nice, soulful, nerdy. I hate the sob stories, so the dead wife made me want to not like him, but he’s really good.
Asa Barnes - Way You Make Me Feel - Like Furney, the first MJ I’ve ever heard on Idol that wasn’t an impression. Nice.
Lil Rounds - Stevie Wonder - Nice!! Defeating the no-one-can-sing-Stevie rule. “Rounds!” Hee.

3: San Francisco 1/20
Kai Kalama - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Effortless, and such a cutie pie. Love his hair and that he calls his mom “Mambo.”

4: Louisville 1/21
Alexis Grace - Skinny little blonde mom with soul voice
Kris Allen - Nice tone
Ryan Johnson - Better!
Shera Lawrence - Sweet. Old school jazz voice
Leneshe Young - Own song - “Homeless” girl. I really wanted to hate her for drowning us in the sob story, but she’s really good. The original song was very cool.

5: Jacksonville 1/27 - None

6: Salt Lake City 1/28
David Osmond - Yes, those Osmonds - Not my favorite song or style, but he made it effortless. Nice voice.
Frankie Jordan? - Can’t tell if I like her or not. Good Amy Winehouse impression, but we have an Amy Winehouse, and she seems determined to live now.
Megan Corkery - YES!!! Love her. LOVE.
Austin Sisneros - Bad song choices, but the second one at least had the right vibe. Nice voice.
Rose Flack? - Not sure. Nice, but too much like Brooke?

7: NYC and San Juan 1/29
Jorge Nunez - Lovely tenor. Really nice.
Melinda Camille - Feelin Good - Love this girl. So gorgeous and confident and really likable.
Jackie Tohn - Cool and bluesy. Hate the Mraz and the weird faces, but the second song was much better
Norman Gentle - Amazing Grace - Insane and bizarre, and very snarky, but actually pretty good
Kendall Beard - I’d love to hate her, but I can’t. Lovely voice.
Monique Garcia Torres - Bad song choice, but good and very identifiable voice. Probably not this year, but it’ll be good training for next year.

I’d love to give you more links, but youtube’s being really strict this year for some reason…


I gave Jon Stewart the benefit of the doubt. I did. Look, the guy was on Space Ghost. What can I say? I have a weakness for him. So I’ve been saying for the past year that the best thing about having a democrat win the election would be finally getting him back on our side.

And I still think he’ll switch back to mocking the left, once they take office. But he let me down, and from an angle that I never saw coming. Israel.

It’s not that I expect him to be pro-Israel just because he’s Jewish. That’d be silly. I find it a little jarring (and personally disappointing) for him to be so viciously against them defending themselves, but that’s his right. It’s the ignorance that bothers me.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Let me just phrase it for you - something that’ll bring it home. If you’re in your apartment and an emotionally disturbed person is banging on the door screaming “I am going to come through this door and kill you” - do you want us to respond with one police officer, which is proportional, or with all the resources at our command?

Jon: I guess it depends if I forced that guy to live in my hallway and make him go through check points every time he has to take a shit.

Nobody forced the Palestinians to live in Gaza. They wanted that land, they demanded it, and in 2005, Israel conceded and let them have it. Israel removed its own citizens, and gave them the land — with utilities and existing buildings all included. The Palestinians happily moved in, en masse.

As a thank you note for the gift, they elected a terrorist group to “govern” them and started lobbing rockets at civilians. So, yes, Israel’s protecting its own borders, go figure. But Gaza has other borders. If the border with Egypt is porous enough to allow in thousands of missiles, then obviously people could get out, if they were so grievously appalled at Hamas and the bombings.

To extend the already belaboured metaphor: Just because Jon won’t let the deranged guy live in his apartment, doesn’t mean he has to live in the hallway. The apartment building has a door. The deranged guy could get on with his life and move to another apartment. Instead, he decided to stay in the hall and keep trying to kill Jon — and I’m thinking even Mr Stewart wouldn’t invite the crazy guy in, and offer him the spare bedroom.

Unpleasant Dreams

I know I’m a few months late on this, and I’m not really a big reality TV fan unless it involves actual talent of some kind. But I was scrounging hulu for a distraction, and I have to admit, I kind of got a laugh out of The Search For The Next Elvira.

I grew up watching Movie Macabre — on Sunday afternoons, not Saturday nights, being a little kid and all — so I’ve loved Elvira for ages. Twenty years later, she’s still surprisingly gorgeous and rackish and most of all hilarious, and some of the contestants are… well, no. The contestants are lacking. But a few have their funny moments.

Check it out when you have some time to kill. Horror + cheese = fun!

Tim’s Angels

Project Runway spoilers below the fold.


Read more »

Funny Crushes, duh

John Krasinski being adorable and hilarious with Craig Ferguson. Go for the hotness, stay for the Brando and Muppets impressions.

Mmmm, John Krasinski and Craig Ferguson… *drool*

Nicer Than Those Fugly Bracelets

I was watching a DVR’ed episode of How To Look Good Naked (I know, I know. We all have guilty pleasures, some of us just aren’t ashamed to admit them.) and last week’s issue-prone woman was a very pretty lady who was born with a congenital heart defect and was all kinds of screwed up about her surgical scars.

I have plenty of scars, and frankly, they don’t bother me. But I can completely understand how they can mess you up, especially if you had them in high school (which she did) and were teased about them. It’d be hard to get to the rationalized adult part, where other people really don’t give a crap about things like that. Maybe they grew up, but more likely, they just have their own problems.

Anyway, Carson did his shameless thing, as he does, and she’s fine now. But one of the goodies they gave her (yes, this was all one big setup for geek toys, silly) was a pretty necklace with a pendant that had a thumb drive in it.

A weird thing to want, you might think — but having an illness that can kill her has basically trapped her at home. The doctor put all of her medical records in the thumb drive, so now she can travel.

Probably, other people have done this for years, but I thought it was so neat! You can fit so much important information into a tiny necklace — maybe even MRIs and xrays a stuff, right? And it’d be just like having one of those ugly medic alert bracelets on, except holding tons more immediately useful info.

I couldn’t find the one they gave her — which, really, that show spends some serious bucks, so it was probably diamond-crusted or something — but here are some pretty ones (they’re all too blingy for my taste, but there are probably some subtle ones that I didn’t find):

Brando makes several, but they’re all pretty much thumb-shaped. I liked this one the best.

Swarovski also makes several, but I could only find this one online. I like the simplicity.

And this is justy tacky to me, but I can imagine that it would be really popular, because of the shape.

Living Long and Prospering

Tracy and I were just last week trying to figure out what it is about Ellen and Portia getting married that makes us both so squee. We’re two midwestern, conservative chicks, neither of us very sappy or girlie — and yet we both just love the two of them together and happy and adorable and so obviously in love.

I’m feeling the same way about George Takei and Brad Altman getting married this weekend. They’ve been together for 21 freaking years. I mean, holy toledo. That’s a long time. I’ve never met anyone that I could spend twenty. one. years. with. (But that’s my issue.)

Anyway, I’ve loved Sulu since I was just a wee geek, and I’m thrilled that they’re happy and that they made a big crazy thing out of it after all those years — with bagpipes and a Japanese tea ceremony and a Buddhist priest and everything.

But what caught my eye?

The couple, both clad in white dinner jackets with black pants, made a grand entrance to the tune of “One Singular Sensation” from the Broadway musical “A Chorus Line.”

Hilarious! (To steal a line from Neil Patrick Harris last week, Swishtastic!)

Spoonful of Sugar

Eep. Did Project Runway Season 5 really start last night?

I noticed that my DVR was set to record it, but I figured it was a repeat and didn’t check. I think my week just got a microgram better. Maybe. I’ll have to see it first…