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1. I’m totally addicted to Cricklers (also Kakuro), and have been for probably a year. They’re fun and help me keep up with the news outside of blogs. Anyway, recently one of the games said that when Schwarzenegger won the governorship, Austria’s official response was “Mozart is no longer the most famous Austrian.” Really? Mozart? That’s not the first person who comes to mind when I think of (in)famous Austrians. How about you?

2. One of the local radio stations randomly went all-Christmas this morning. Technically, they called it “the station for all your holiday music” but in the half hour that I listened, I didn’t hear “Peter Cottontail,” Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” or “America The Beautiful,” so I’m guessing it’s pretty much Christmas music. Sure, it’ll get old pretty fast, but it was a cool change for one morning’s commute.

3. Blogrolling was hacked, in case you missed it. Now it’s just down, nothing at the domain at all. You know how you don’t realize how much you rely on something until it’s gone?

4. Can I tell you how much I hate my life right now? I’m drowning in stress and heavy lifting and gross incompetence and minimal sleep. And to top it off, I dropped my Palm on Tuesday and broke it. Now I have no idea what to do with myself, if I have to sit still for more than five minutes.


1. I saw a young nun driving the coolest old jeep, with the doors out and windows down. Definitely not related to any nuns I ever knew.

2. There was a show on Ted Bundy on TV last weekend (It’s hot outside. I’m a redhead. Cope.) and when they executed him, there were no protesters in sight (that may have been selective editing, of course). But there were people with signs like “Thank God It’s Fry Day” and “Burn Baby Burn.” One soccer mom was wearing an electric chair cap made of tin foil. What a different world it was.

3. In that Pussycat Dolls, I thought she was saying “Wanna have boobies.” Yeah. It’s “groupies.” (In my defense, many of the lyrics sites agree with me.)

4. I wish Joshua and Katee could both win So You Think You Can Dance, but I think it’s going to be Joshua. He is just so crazy talented.

4½. How much does Gev Manoukian look like Scarlett Johansson’s little brother?



1. The deck of cards with a joker included (53 cards) came to the US with Chinese immigrants, and it’s called “Pai Gao.” I can’t believe I’ve never heard that before now.

2. When I’m king, I’ll require any grocery store that sells individual bagels to also sell those little one-use packets of cream cheese.

3. I’ve been meaning to try making limoncello, but I recently read about a woman who makes Nasturtium vodka. I’m not a big flower eater (don’t like roses, loathe violets) but I love Nasturtiums, and they’re super easy to grow from seeds.

4. Wachovia’s apparently being probed for some kind of mismanagement. They just bought out my old 401k. This week’s getting better and better. Athough, it’s not like I was ever planning on retiring, anyway.

5. I haven’t been canned yet. (Yet.) I want to talk about it, but I’m not getting dooced for the sake of you guys. No offense. I’m starting to take notes, for after, because it’s really… uncomfortable. (And thanks for the votes of confidence in emails. I’m not worried about being fired personally, I’m worried about my whole department disappearing.)

6. For those following along at home, we spent Tuesday in Columbia again, and the Cushing’s test came back negative. So G’s just on meds for his kidneys right now, to try and cut down on the necessary bits he’s losing.

7. Incidentally, I don’t think I blogged this, and you can consider it an (unpaid) product recommendation — I switched G from Nutro to Blue, because he’s got to gain some weight. He was down to 100 pounds, which still makes me want to cry. It’s amazing stuff. Check these ingredients!


1. As much as I love American Idol, I think I love So You Think You Can Dance even more. I’m an objectivist right down to my toes (and my bumper sticker), and seeing all that natural ability refined and used so diligently and happily, just warms the cockles of my blackened little heart.

2. The Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment is in. And, whew.

3. The Princess Bride video game is out! (It looks like Dragon’s Lair, right?)

4. I took my dog in this morning for xrays to see if his pneumonia’s gone, and the doc just called and said he’s done, his lungs looks good, and they didn’t even have to sedate him. Crazy! Of course, then he tried to eat a nurse, so I guess we’re back to normal. Next step, the Cushing’s test.


1. Did you know that the guy who invented Pong also created Chuck E Cheese? How does one human become so cool?

2. How much does Jeremy from this season’s Bachelorette remind you of Richard from Lost? I mean, I like him, probably the best of any of the guys, but… creepy.

3. There’s an episode of Meerkat Manor, called “The Science of Meerkat Manor,” the shows all of the stuff going on in the background. I had no idea (stupidly) that they’re all so completely acclimated (even the Commandos) to the scientists and students. If you love the show, you should try to catch this episode. (The new season just started, by the way, and I miss the Hobbit already.)

4. I have officially determined that my favorite shooting range is Too Darn Far. I’d been putting off going to the closer, indoor, dark one, because I wanted to go to the happy, outdoor, sunny one. But it’s like 1/4 tank of gas away, so pfeh.

5. Hippos’ teeth are made of ivory. Neat. That is all.


1. Has anyone tried a Neti Pot? I’m guessing no, but y’all surprise me sometimes. Two of the DJs on the radio here use them, and they’re making it seem… sensible.

2. I have a girl crush on Larissa Kelly. I loved her voice from the first day, but man, every time she says “I’ll bet $8000, Alex,” my heart goes pitter pat.

3. Also, Daniel Dae Kim. My gosh, he’s hot. Anyone watching the new Andromeda Strain?

4. I could never figure out why it seemed like I had so many more leaves to rake than other people, in the fall. Yeah. This is my house on Google Maps. Now I get it:



1. I thought David A. stole the show last night, even though he annoys the crap out of me. I almost think David C. might have realized that a Clive Davis album might not be in his best interest, and thrown the competition. Probably not consciously, but while his voice sounded great, he certainly didn’t do what he knew would make him win.

But you know what? DialIdol’s calling it for David Cook. By a landslide. Not just on their calculated score, but on the GeoPredictions, which have consistently been much more accurate. (I don’t think this counts as a spoiler since the site is only about 65% accurate and doesn’t count text messages…)

2. Remember the kid who auditioned badly for Idol, but said he really wanted to be a celebcaster? And Simon said he’d personally make sure the kid was able to do interviews on the red carpet at the finale? Think he’ll be there? (Update: Chris Bernheisel - Google is your friend)

3. This is painful and humiliating for me to admit, so I’ll do it in an already-cheesy post. I really like that one Miley Cyrus song. The St-st-stutter one. That’s right, I said it. And it was kinda cathartic, actually.


1. Why is Sweets still on Bones? He’s like freaking Scrappy Doo. Go away, already.

2. James: “I’ve lost my ring as dumbest Survivor ever!” (I know that one’s old, but still awesome.)

3. A brilliant, hilarious Hillary impersonator. Not negative, just spookily spot on. My favorite line: “He’s smiling and maybe wearing a secret service man’s pants.” (via HotAir)


1. I love Jim Halpert. This is going to be this show’s Slap Bet, isn’t it? Hilarious.

2. Mariah Carey called Ryan Seacrest “John” on the results show. I can’t help loving what that must have done to his massively overinflated ego.

3. There is no talking in the bathroom. If you need to use your cell in private, go into the stairwell. If you need to chat with a friend (or me) go to a desk. Honestly, people.

4. There was no traffic today, and the office is, seriously, half empty. Is this a holiday that I don’t know about, or is everyone that freaked by the earthquake?

5. Obama called himself “a pretty darn good politician.” *sigh* That’s what we’re all looking for, right, another freaking politician? Yep, I still hate all three of them.


1. Good: I saw a guy stop traffic to rescue a dog that had gotten loose and run in to the road. Bad: I saw a car with their own giant dog sticking so far out of the side window that a Coke truck had to swerve to avoid decapitating it, and it ran another car off the road.

2. I hate Comodo v3 firewall.

3. Thanks to those of you who helped with the Wreaths For Warriors campaign. Here’s an article on how it went.

4. Merry Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Blessed Yule. I think that covers all seven of you. Have a great one, and a fabulous new year.