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You have to wearing something

Two completely unrelated tshirts that I like…

In case you wondered.

Operation Bark Alert

Governor Nixon held a press conference at the Humane Society last week on the success of Operation Bark Alert, the administration’s effort to crack down on substandard, illegal puppy mills in the state.

“In a short couple of months, since the initiation of Operation Bark Alert, the effort has already proven to be a great success. I’m happy to announce that through Operation Bark Alert, the state has facilitated the rescue or voluntary surrender, already this year, of more than 1300 individual dogs across our state. [applause] The majority of these dogs were found in bad shape, they were in substandard conditions, in facilities run by breeders without licenses. Many were sick, dirty and without proper veterinary care.

But because of enhanced efforts on the part of the Department of Agriculture, rescue agencies across the state like the Humane Society of Missouri, and engaged members of the community who provide tips, these dogs were removed and changed to better environments.”

Two weeks ago, 102 dogs (along with three chimps) were rescued from a single puppy mill in Daviess County, Missouri — mostly pocket dogs, like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and toy Poodles. The Humane Society was allowed to take them, and they’re being rehabilitated and cared for.

Many times, these substandard puppy mill dogs have never seen or touched green grass. Never spent even a few hours outside of a two foot square metal crate, in their whole lives. They’ll be available for adoption beginning next week, and finally get good homes. Microdogs aren’t my thing, personally, but they adopt out like hotcakes, and these little guys have really suffered. They deserve great families, excessive spoiling, and lots of love.

I’m not always thrilled with Governor Nixon, and I’m still a little sore about him defending the tax refund delays, but this kind of thing goes a long way with me. Good work, sir.

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiime…

Yay, it’s the best ThinkGeek day of the year!

My favorite this year? I’m not sure if it’s even a gag. It might be real, for all I know, since it’s in a different section of the email. And if it’s not, with ThinkGeek’s recent trend of making some of these into actual products, it might be real soon:

I need this to follow me around like a sycophantic poodle. A flying sycophantic poodle. Because my capacity for generating my own is fading fast.

Also likely to be produced by popular demand? (And I’d probably break down and buy one, if they’re grown-up size) Morbid yet adorable. The Tauntaun Carcass sleeping bag, complete with plush intestine lining.

Likely to be the most popular overall? Squeez Bacon. Although, realistically, this is ThinkGeek. So if they do make it, the actual product will be caffeinated. And possibly alcoholic.

I also really, really, really want the Ultimate Assassins Weapon Ice Mold. But I think we can count on that one remaining fictional.

Also? I’m still waiting for my glow-in-the-dark, caffeinated beer. So hurry it up, guys. Chop chop.

Katy and Ellen sittin’ in a… er, bathroom?

I don’t love the song. It glorifies behavior that annoys me, and I still think it’s a ripoff of Jill Sobule, even though it’s a completely different song and meaning. But this is too freaking adorable to not link. I’m glad to see that they’re both total goofballs (as I suspected). In the nicest possible sense of goofball.


Just bought this lovely from David Loong this morning.

His curlicues are just amazing, and these things are so tiny that the intricacy is mind-boggling. It’s my third piece of his that I’ve managed to snap up. Go have a look, and check out how he makes them too.

Saturday Morning Lessons

The timing of this is awesome, because I had that old Bod Squad song about teeth stuck in my head this morning — “Canines tear, molars chomp, incisors bite right through!” — and was wondering if the other Saturday morning songs had ever been re-released like the Schoolhouse Rock ones were.

Kevin’s collected three of the best America Rock ones, to remind us of what this funny little experiment of a republic was all about.

Go watch them all. It’ll be a quirky reminder of what it was like to be a kid back then — when you could ride your bike until 8pm, Jim Henson was teaching you the world’s greatest puns, and it wasn’t embarrassing to be an American.

Note 1: Somebody needs to re-record “No More Kings” with slightly different lyrics right now. I’m looking at you, YouTubers.
Note 2: Circa 2006, at least one blogger (maybe two) heard me sing the Preamble song in their car. I’m still expecting blackmail.
Note 3: While you’re there, watch the Bob Hope video in the top left corner. Hee.

Bert Brady

This isn’t new, but I hadn’t seen it until just now. It was emailed from an old friend.


Just awesome.

All Over Submarines, They Think She’s So Serene.

I’m obviously a big fan of the pin-up genre. Readers of my old site may recall that I almost always had one in the design. So here’s a link dump of some of the articles I’ve collected and haven’t done anything with…

California Woman Raises Troop Morale, Funds With ‘Pin-Ups for Vets’ Calendar

Pin-up art — a morale-booster for troops fighting overseas during World War II — is making a comeback, or will be if a California woman has anything to say about it.

Gina Elise, 26, is bringing retro back with her third annual “Pin-Ups for Vets” calendar, which features herself in costumes and poses that were popular among America’s fighting men in the 1940s. Profits from the sales of the calendars provide assistance to U.S. military hospitals.

I think this would have been more interesting if she’s used more models than just herself. But then, maybe she doesn’t have any hot friends. Whatever. It’s still pretty cool, er hot, and supports a good cause. And she’s about as cute as a freaking button. Here’s the Official site.

On the higher budget end of the spectrum, Vanity Fair introduces some popular actresses to the medium. Few have ever seen the real thing, apparently, because most of the pictures have nothing subtle or fun about them at all — but there are a few really great ones. Mila Kunis, Leslie Mann, and Kristen Stewart are among my favorites. Isla Fisher is so perfect that she almost doesn’t look like a real person. And holy cow! Summer Glau! Smiling!

And finally, Pinups for Pups, featuring adorable, secretly smart girl Sugar, from Survivor Gabon. I can’t find an official site for her, which is just plain silly.

Square Biz

I’m not a shoe girl. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that. I wear heels to work, but I couldn’t possibly care less about having a particular brand or designer. Unless they’re Chuck Taylors, I mean. Of which I have many pairs.

Having said that, when I was selling my house last year, I saw these and fell in love.

Naughty Monkey makes a lot of styles that have a 40s edge that I really love, but those in particular just grabbed me. Since I had moved out of the house and was paying rent and mortgage (and utilities for both) at the same time, I couldn’t really justify spending $100 on shoes, but I decided that I’d buy them when I sold the house.

You know where this is going. Of course my size was sold out when I sold the house, duh. So I kept the link at zappos and looked at them once in a while, and signed up there and at amazon, in case someone returned a pair. But that was months ago.

And then I found them on ebay last week. New. In box. For 20 bucks. And they’re gorgeous.

And now I need them in more colors…

Dog and Pony Elephant Show

The Elephant Sanctuary has been one of my pet charities for several years now. They rescue abused and sick elephants that have retired from circuses, zoos, and travelling menageries, and relocate them to a 2700 acre refuge in Tennesee. They don’t do any shows or tours, the elephants are allowed to simply live the remainder of their lives as elephants — cared for and fed by humans, but generally just being spoiled and hanging out with other elephants. Many of them have never had the luxury of socializing with their own kind, and they develop very strong bonds, like finding a new (or first) family.

Anyway. It’s not a well-known organization, obviously, so when I saw this article in the local rag, I was surprised and enchanted.

Tarra, an Asian elephant at the Sanctuary, has a pal other than her elephant sisters. One of the local stray dogs has befriended her, and they’re inseparable now. Tarra pets Bella with her trunk, they sleep and roam together, and Bella “protects” (hee) Tarra from strangers. When Bella was injured, Tarra sat outside the clinic every day until she was well.

Go read the whole thing. Just a little cheerfulness on an otherwise not very cheerful day.