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Dizzying Intellect

Cooking with Molecules

Ok, this isn’t really what I was talking about when I was overanalyzing Diamond Age. Molecular makes much more sense than atomic. But it’s still really cool.

Update: Actually, re-reading that post, I think it might be the definition of my personality.

Save The Boobies!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this until now. I tweeted it on October 1st, and then completely spaced.

It’s the 8th Annual Boobiethon!!!

This started out as a lark — one friend trying to raise money for a plane ticket to get another friend to Florida for the holidays, via blegging. It worked so well, they had money left over. Instead of keeping it, they decided to donate it to Komen. And so, a cause was born in 1991. The Boobiethon.

Both of the friends were also friends of mine, at the time — though we’ve since grown apart — and so I’ve been a supporter for 7 of the 8 years. (The one year that I missed, I had just moved to St Louis, and paypal couldn’t validate my new account in time. This is back in the stone age, when paypal only allowed checking accounts for funding.) I’ve also sent in pictures several years, but I’ve never told which years, and I’m not going to start now.

It’s just everyday bloggers, girls next door, sending in flirty but not offensive pictures of their cleavage — in exchange for your donations to Komen. They’re fun and sexy, but no faces or names are shown. And there’s a special page, if you donate $50 or more (which I always do), which shows a lot more skin. This section tends to be even more clever and creative, but my favorite of any year so far is just saran wrap. Sounds boring but it works. Some of the pictures in all sections are simple, some are artistic, some are fun, all are boobies.

The main page (linked above), and the page with instructions on how to donate, are always work-safe. The rest, uh, no.

Go check out the pictures, and then donate. Who doesn’t love boobies? Who doesn’t hate breast cancer? And really, after the year I’ve had, the life you save may be mine.

Hurry! It ends tomorrow! (But in the past, the pay-per-boobies password has worked for a while after the end.)


Ugh, what a weird dream. I dreamed this elderly female zombie, with a thick New York accent and wearing a Chanel power suit, was chasing me through London.

I haven’t had one of those slow motion running dreams in a long time — where they keep catching up with you no matter what you do. *shudder*

(Now that I’m awake, she was physically rather similar to Juno from Beetlejuice, but older, and without the spunk and with more low-key, oozing creepiness.)

Shalit Lives

I would never have believed it. Never.

Gilad Shalit is apparently still alive. I’ve actually commented in several places, before today, that exchanging palistinian terrorist prisoners for another bag of bones was absurd, because it was impossible that he was alive. I can’t even imagine how they kept him alive for three years among those monsters. He must have been isolated, and it must be something approaching a miracle.

Or it could be an imposter, and the details tortured out of him before he was murdered. Call me a cynic. But how can they not trade a thousand murderous bastards for the chance, now? Damn it.

Nothing to Kill or Die For

I drive past this sign every day, weirdly located in the suburbs — which are more politically conservative than the city, so maybe not so weird. And I finally took a picture this week.

I actually think it’s pretty. I’m a sucker for stained glass. Personally, I don’t approve of atheists being so confrontational, but whatever. First amendment and all that. And while there haven’t been any Christian signs in the area, there was a very pretty and simple digital billboard wishing a blessed Ramadan. (Placed by a local grocery store that has luscious samosas.)

It always makes me laugh that it’s right next door to a McDonalds, but I don’t know exactly why…


As some of you know, I’m going to be laid off next year. We’re not sure yet whether it’ll be January-ish or June-ish, but it almost certainly won’t be any later than June.

It’s not personal or anything. Our new owners have been very strict about getting rid of any non-essential software, and my package finally stopped flying under the radar.

Anyway, in preparation, I… took the LSAT on Saturday.

Dude, it’s HARD. And I’m a really good test taker, naturally. Thank god I broke down and took a practice test on Thursday night, because I would have been woefully unprepared. It’s not an aptitude test, per se. It’s mostly logic, plus some reading comprehension, and an essay.

Here’s a sample question (not from my test):

1) Five racing drivers, Alan, Bob, Chris, Don, and Eugene, enter into a contest that consists of 6 races. The results of all six races are listed below:

Bob always finishes ahead of Chris.
Alan finishes either first or last.
Eugene finishes either first or last.
There are no ties in any race.
Every driver finishes each race.

In each race, two points are awarded for a fifth place finish, four points for fourth, six points for third, eight points for second, and ten points for first.

If Eugene finishes two places ahead of Chris in the first race, all of the following will be true EXCEPT:

a. Bob finishes ahead of Don.
b. Chris finishes two places ahead of Alan.
c. Don finishes fourth.
d. Bob finishes immediately behind Eugene.
e. Chris finishes ahead of Bob.

I mean, I love these kinds of puzzles — but doing dozens of them, while being timed? Oy. I think I did ok, though. I used some online software to score the one practice test, and it came out to 157. That sounds pretty awful to me, but then I checked, and the median scores for UCLA and UNC are 162 and 163, respectively. And presumably (hopefully) your first practice test would be the worst score you’d ever get…

Incidentally, is the phrase “ambient darkness” an oxymoron?

Vent? Me?

You know what drives me crazy? Those stickers that you always see in the back windows of minivans, with, like, a soccer ball and the kid’s name. Baseball bat and “Bobby.” Volleyball and “Suzie.”

Hi. Do you think you could make it any easier for a pedophile to grab your kid? Now they don’t have to resort to “Hey kid, wanna see a puppy?” Instead, they can say “Hey, Holly. Your mom’s stuck at work but she asked me to take you to softball practice.” Maybe it only works on one out of ten kids (if it’s not practice day), but is it really worth the risk? Jeez, people.

Then again, I don’t think you should put pictures of your kids on the internet either, so what do I know?

Three Guilty Pleas Expected

It’s been so hard to find news about the pups. But this might be the beginning of the end.

ST. LOUIS — At least three eastern Missouri men arrested in a multistate federal crackdown on illegal dogfighting are expected to plead guilty next week in federal court.

Documents filed in the case and interviews with the men’s attorneys confirmed that Robert Hackman, 55, of Foley; Teddy Kiriakidis, 50, of Leasburg; and Ronald Creach, 34, of Leslie will plead guilty Monday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

Co-defendant Michael Morgan, 38, of Hannibal is set for trial Monday in the same court. His attorney did not respond to phone inquiries about whether he also planned to plead.

A grand jury indicted the four, along with Jack Ruppel, 35, of Eldon, on dogfighting conspiracy and other charges this summer in St. Louis. Ruppel pleaded guilty Sept. 4 in federal court in Jefferson City to a conspiracy charge and to selling an animal for a fighting venture. His attorney, Timothy Cisar, said Ruppel pleaded guilty “because he is guilty.”

A sentencing date has not been set.

Twenty-six people were charged and more than 500 dogs, some of them pregnant, were seized in July following federal raids in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

U.S. attorneys in several states accused them of cruelties that included shooting dogs in the head when they didn’t fight well. None of the other cases have advanced to trials or guilty pleas.

More below the fold

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Hating the Republicans

So it wasn’t bad enough that they spam the hell out of me for donations.

I’ve been getting calls that show up as 1-000-000-0000 on my caller ID for weeks, and ignoring them. I had a shitty day today, so I was finally pissed off enough to answer it. And the first words after verifying my identity are “Hi, this is the Missouri Republican Party. We’d like to…”

Which I interrupted with, “No. You need to get a phone number that registers on caller ID” and hung up.

Seriously, bitches. This is serious. I’m already never giving you another donation. Do it again and you’ll never get another vote from me, either.

You have to wearing something

Two completely unrelated tshirts that I like…

In case you wondered.